The Shadow Effect

In a sentence: Lame Bourne ripoff meets reincarnation.

Politicians are getting assassinated in often mass murder suicides while a buff diner owner (Cam Gigandet, from The OC all those years ago) relives all the murders in his nightmares leaving him with a throw up hangover every morning. Is he going crazy or is there something else going on is the underlying mystery here helped along by a fishy looking doctor (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and a few hints about pseudo science twin transference and reincarnation sprinkled in for good measure.

It’s one of those type of movies that relies on that explanation being good, but it isn’t that great here. The opening is mainly dragged out “suspense” with some barely passable action scenes but once the secret is revealed (and is as dumb as you could imagine), it still meanders on for some unknown reason.

The fractured memories, hidden skills and possible conspiracy are somewhat reminiscent of Bourne which is definitely not a favourable comparison in this case. Wooden, forgettable characters and unrealistic dialogue plague this movie and there are very little positives to redeem these basic failures.


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