In a sentence: Dreary thriller surrounding questionably legal drone strikes.

Neil (Sean Bean) is a drone pilot contractor for the CIA, but his family don’t know that. The family have dramas of their own with a teen boy whose school just went through some kind of tragedy and a recently deceased grandfather. This slow family drama is interspersed with scenes of a Muslim man who just arrived in the US and has a penchant for staring off into space.

It’s billed as a thriller but it takes a long time to get anywhere and focuses so much on setting the scene, the payoff doesn’t seem to measure up. It’s not awful, but it’s not very gripping either. None of the characters are particularly likeable which doesn’t help and there is no real suspense building along the way leaving the big ending to just fizzle out.

There is of course some political commentary here on the use of drones as well as some highlighting of racism, but it’s in such a dreary package it doesn’t really land.


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