In a sentence: Bonkers French body horror.

This is that good kind of weird (mostly). It starts pretty crazy for Justine (Garance Marillier) with some extreme hazing on her first night at veterinary school where she meets her gay roommate as their room is invaded by “elder” classmen who toss all their stuff and bedding out the window along with all the other “rookies” culminating in a massive party. It turns out Justine’s sister Alexia (Ella Rumpf) also goes here and they finally meet up at the party.

The hazing continues as the rookies are splashed with blood and forced to eat raw rabbit intestines and all kinds of other stuff you’d expect would be banned by the faculty. Justine soon discards her strict vegetarianism and despite some adverse effects seems almost immediately hooked, often without the patience to cook it and just garbling it down raw.

It’s a mix of WTF and nervous laughter at the absurdity of it all with a dash of grossness inducing a “what? no! ughh…” kind of response. This is where it shines and I was absolutely loving it. You never knew what craziness would be coming next and it usually delivered until it didn’t. A bit over halfway it seemed to lose its sense of fun and started to outstay its welcome.

It’s still pretty great overall, but it was a bit disappointing as it was all going so well and then seemed to peter out becoming less fun as it went on and it all got a bit grim. Nothing like most I’ve seen before, the superb Dogtooth is probably the closest comparison I can make (which is the perfect mix of crazy and comes highly recommended). If you’re after something fresh and a little nuts, you’ll be sure to enjoy this blood soaked coming of age drama.


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