In a sentence: Mother and daughter trip goes wrong in the most funny way possible.

Amy Schumer is great in this as the instagram obsessed loser daughter Emily. Her mother Linda (Goldie Hawn) is less funny and is often the butt of the joke rather than having any good lines herself, but it works well. Emily gets dumped right before a planned vacation to Ecuador leaving her with an extra non refundable ticket. She has no friends to bring along so end up taking her mother.

After meeting some nutter fellow travellers they end up getting kidnapped for ransom which partially leaves their safety in the hands of the agoraphobic brother/son (Ike Barinholtz – who is pretty hit and miss in terms of bringing the laughs here). The escape and run around the jungle getting into trouble with a classic gross out Paul feig moment and Emily’s hilarious dazed reaction which had me proper laughing for a while.

The average review scores for this are terrible and I have no idea why. They all seem to be concerned with the plot or it’s “heart” – it’s a comedy so all that matters is if it makes you laugh and this did. Often.

Often ridiculously stupid, crude and sometimes clever, the laughs keep coming even once the so called terrible plot picks up (which is often when the comedy dies down). I really enjoyed this and had a good laugh. It may not have been perfect, but it was funnier than most and if you’re into Appatow / Feig style comedy you’ll definitely have a good time here.


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