Get Out

In a sentence: Compelling and racially charged thriller.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is brought to meet his girlfriend Rose’s (Allison Williams – Marnie from Girls with questionable bangs) parents in their big secluded house. Chris is black and Rose is white so he is a little concerned the parents will freak out, but Rose convinces him it will be fine. When they arrive things seem a bit off as it’s revealed the parents keep a black maid and groundskeeper, made more strange by how these 2 act around Chris.

The mother (Catherine Keener) hypnotises Chris by surprise to help him quit smoking, but there’s something else fishy going on there too. Chris’s buddy Rod (Lil Rel Howery) immediately jumps to a sex slave conspiracy theory via the phone which adds an extra layer of intrigue. It sounds crazy, but there is something crazy going on – maybe he’s right!

Rose’s brother comes in and seems like a bit of a nut, then the weird tension ramps up as the parents host a large party with a bunch of white folk acting very strangely around Chris. They seem fascinated as if they’d never seen a black person before.

The greatness here is in the mystery. Things are strange but neither Chris or you as the viewer can quite put your finger on it which makes it utterly compelling. It all builds up slowly, then once the mystery is revealed jumps into a much faster pace bringing the more standard horror bloodshed with it.

A bit of a twist from the usual mystery / horror / thriller type and done very well. It works both as racial commentary and a compelling thriller, that slightly off behaviour and slowly revealed mystery just works so well.




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