Once Upon a Time in Venice

With Bruce Willis on the cover you expect an action movie, but this is actually a comedy. It’s not very funny though and the hit rate of the attempts at humour is super low. Even Thomas Middleditch from Silicon Valley is a bit of a dud here (even though he does bring the majority of the rare ).

Story wise it’s about Steve (Willis), a dodgy PI in Venice Beach California whose dog is stolen by drug dealers. You don’t mess with a man’s dog so he goes after everyone involved forming unlikely alliances with other shady characters along the way. He’s joined by detective in training John (Middleditch) who also serves as the narrator. There’s also Steve’s buddy Dave (John Goodman) who is losing everything to his wife in a divorce and later joins Steve armed with an array of weapons including a ninja star on his quest. Future Aquaman Jason Momoa is the drug dealer willing to deal with Steve in a mess of double crosses and stolen money and drugs.

Overall it’s a pretty sad attempt at a movie. The humour is continually missing the mark (hey it’s Bruce Willis on a skateboard naked!), the actors are all phoning it in, the script is rubbish and there’s not even some dumb explosive action to bring it all together. Completely meh from beginning to end.


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