Atlanta (Season 1)

In a sentence: Oddball hood dramedy.

Written by Donald Glover AKA Childish Gamibino AKA Troy from Community, this show is a merger of both his rap world and oddball comedy style. The first half of this show was reminiscent of Ballers, but instead of rich footballers and fancy cars it’s broke rappers hustling to get through the week. Glover plays Earnest, a bit of a deadbeat, constantly broke, no real job and an on/off relationship with his baby mama Vanessa who is the real provider for their little girl. Earnest’s cousin Alfred AKA Paper Boi is a rapper who seems to be on the brink of blowing up so Earnest convinces him to let him be his manager.

While that is the main thread, it has some almost standalone episodes too. One focused purely on Vanessa stuck in a dead end job and poor who meets up with an old friend off travelling the world. Another (B.A.N. aka BLACK American Network – Episode 7) is a parody of a black channel complete with advertisements and special reports – probably the funniest one of the bunch due to the extreme satirical exaggeration.

It’s a bit of an odd show jumping between comedy and drama. It’s not super funny, but has some smile inducing moments and clever lines. To be honest I’m not entirely sure what it was going for, but it was an enjoyable ride. The 10 under 25 minute episodes roll through quickly and it’s easy watching.


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