I watch a lot of movies across all genres and thought I may as well try write about them as I go.

Here are some bits and pieces about me to see if you’ll agree with my thoughts or not.

Some Favourites (in no particular order, hopefully covering most genres):
Thank You For Smoking
In Bruges
Captain Fantastic
The Lobster
Fight Club
Pulp Fiction
RocknRolla (Anything Guy Ritchie really)
Crank (Ok it’s no masterpiece but in terms of action movies…)
Shutter Island (And other Martin Scorsese stuff)
Pineapple Express

Tree Of Life
Certain Women

I’ll watch anything with these actors in it:
Chloe-Grace Moretz
Elle Fanning
Leonardo DiCaprio
Brad Pitt
Elizabeth Olsen
Seth Rogen (although he’s very hit and miss)